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Current Cyclonic Activity in the Western North Pacific
Last updated on 2014-June-06-9:55PM(UTC)

Our satellite analysis is currently unavailable 
Current weather outlook in the Western North Pacific:
None available, since I don't update this anymore, however, you can still use the real-time information provided in the other links of this blog. 
Featured Movie:
The 2013 pacific typhoon season MTSAT infrared satellite imagery timelapse.

Global Tropical Weather forecast and Hazards
from the Climate Predication center

Current Tropical Cyclone Formation Probability of the western north pacific

Current daylight areas of the World:

                Hong Kong Weather           
True color satellite image of Hong Kong 
True color satellite image of Hong Kong (Hong Kong is located at the center of the image) taken by EOS satellite. On average, EOS takes 1-2 pictures of Hong Kong each day.
(updated regularly)

Hong Kong, China Weather Forecast:
Current, average weather in Hong Kong
HKWW - Real-Time Weather at HKO 香港天氣觀測站 - 天文台實時天氣狀況

7 day weather forecast for Hong Kong:
HKWW - 7-day Weather Forecast by HKO 香港天氣觀測站 - 天文台七天天氣預報

                      Real-time Weather Photos                      
The following photo shows the real-time view of Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong as viewed from Central towards the east.

Typhoon Storm Watch was created in 2011 in order to 
provide people the latest information about typhoons 
and weather in the Western North Pacific.
Much of our information comes from JTWC, which has better information compared to Asia's JMA.
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